Cascais European Youth Capital

Cidade Europeia da Juventude 2018
Cascais European Youth Capital


A video that represents the youthness of Cascais, and the reasons it was elected the European Youth Capital of 2017.


The video is a fictional day in Cascais. Showing you a lot of things you can do in this old yet young village.
It’s an hard task to make two opposite things complement each other. So our solution was choosing a young girl to explore and show us everything. And in the journey she presents us the young and the old, the poor and the rich, the beautiful natural beaches, the forest, and a lot of the cultural offer.
Video is powerful because our job is just to show, and the audience will get the message by themselves.


Câmara Municipal de Cascais


Director | Camera
Eduardo Vento
Drone | Editing
Luis Pereira
Gonçalo Mendes
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